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Ceta Agreement Wallonia

The UNITED Kingdom would only face a procedure similar to Ceta`s if it did not conclude a trade agreement before the expiry of the two years of divorce negotiations under EU Article 50. I am proud that the Walloon Parliament has the courage and decency to keep its promises before the elections and current democratic opinion. This is not a surprising behaviour of the representatives of the people, but a rule. This cannot be said for countries such as Austria, which has 70% of public opinion against CETA, or Germany with at least 59 votes against and a few 20s for this agreement. How do these governments around the world declare their democratic legitimacy to sigh the CETA treaty? In its last spring 2016 edition, the official Eurobarometer published, for the first time in several years, any country map on transatlantic trade agreements (as is systematically the case for each of the dozens of issues). It is paradigmatic that the current U.S. government should advance the TTiP Treaty with no more than 20% public support and that the opposition is twice as strong. Aren`t such anti-democratic actions unacceptable? I agree that something is not right if only Wallonia were blocking the will of 27 other EU Member States and a half, but it is less false and even heroic to know that the opinion of citizens in many EU countries is not respected by their governments (I try to talk about the “oligarchic” and anti-democratic behaviours of such governments that advance their agenda against a clear public opposition). Faced with citizens` deep concerns about out-of-court courts, health standards, the future of public services, etc., which include 3 million signatures, EU officials should try to make some credible land adjustments before signing the treaty and putting it before Parliament`s ratification. Let`s not forget that the details of the other TTiP contract negotiations were not disclosed until three or four months ago (!) The files have been made public.

We should not be arrogant if only a third of EU citizens trust the EU and more than half of EU citizens do not trust the EU institutions (according to the Eurobarometer). It is precisely because of decisions that are not influenced by the thought or even the passage of peoples. (That`s the other subject, but it shows what I`m trying to do: it was only today that I learned that my country, Belgium, has been involved in the war in Syria for some time now with offensive aviation. The Belgians want, approve or really know where in the world, why and against whom we are at war?). I vote in favour of the Walloon Parliament, which represents the opinion of its citizens, despite the enormous pressure exerted by corporate, financial policy and lobbying policies. This clearly shows the weakness of the EU institution at the moment! If such a small minority can stop CETA, good or bad! But it is the Belgian government/constitution, in which ALL regions must give their consent before Belgium can approve or contradict this diktat or another EU diktat or trade agreement! The EU, in its current form, cannot react and operate quickly (CETA) and other global initiatives/agreements/agreements/agreements. That is why the EU, with its 500 million people that I could never have imagined, is failing.

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