/Confirmation Control Key In Scheduling Agreement

Confirmation Control Key In Scheduling Agreement

How will you update this in the system if the lender confirms it? Cuz i has created a SA/DL delivery and it seems that my list of stock requirements reflects the amount of layout relevant. If I do a GR for the same, it is moved to open engagement points. Pls checks the parameters of the confirmation control key in IMG and makes sure it is relevant to the layout. Credit confirmations are only managed manually, so they are shown with each shipment in the confirmation part of the delivery plan. It is not (yet) necessary to have planned supplier confirmations. In the command, there is a field confirmation control key that extracts its function from the book. 2. If, at the time of the declaration of receipt of the goods, a proof of material must be put in place for delivery, the order of receipt of the goods must be defined in the confirmation check. Whether an agreement is in place with or without a confirmation control key, the result in MD04 is the same: the classifications are displayed according to the delivery plan (depending on your results). Go first change the SA, very ME32, double-click on the item and designate the conf. Control key that fits your needs. Save. The confirmation control key controls the process after the command is created.

For some important materials with long delays. B delivery, you want to receive advance information (on transit notification or delivery) of the scheduled gr date for you to include this information in the availability check. Explain whether it is necessary to complete the confirmation check, the confirmation of the order and the confirmation requirement. In the STO, we usually enter the data for P.O.s.s.s.only. If we enter the data above, what happens, if not what happens. Thus, you maintain the lender`s confirmation for the delivery plan. I have to change the confirmation key (in me23N) of the confirmation card. It works properly if there is no partial GR (entry into the delivery plan tab) for this position item. But if there is a GR entry against this position article, it gives me the message “The confirmation key must not be changed.” Hello, we use the 0001 confirmation control key for supplier confirmations in schedule agreements/delivery plans.

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