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Lease Agreement Bilingual

The deposit is usually equal to 2 months of rental fees, but sometimes the owners even ask for 3 months of rental fee as a down payment (especially by foreign people). The tenant normally has to pay the deposit and rent for the first month in cash at the same time as signing the contract. It is important that the agreement clearly contains this transaction. In some cases, owners prefer to create another document on this transaction. It is not that common, but it is also acceptable. So what are your options? Let`s take a look at a free Chinese lease model as well as a bilingual premium contract. Since you probably do not speak Hungarian and many owners do not speak English, the general solution to this problem is a bilingual agreement. In this case, the landlord and tenant can understand the agreement. We have downloaded a general contract that you can use. However, many owners have their own agreements and they generally insist on using them.

In this case, mentors can verify your agreement and advise you whether you sign it or not, but signing an agreement is always your responsibility. A written agreement facilitates the development of these problems. This is the second annex to the model agreement. We have also released a standard inventory report (source: alberlet.hu). There should be no appendix, the agreement may also contain this information. The inventory contains 2 types of information: Remember that no matter what contract you use, you should always ask these 5 questions before signing a lease in China. An agreement is valid without witnesses, but an agreement with two witnesses is much stronger. Witnesses are not responsible for the content of the agreements, they only ensure that the parties (renters and tenants) have signed the contract before them. A typical rental contract in English and Hungarian What if there was a Chinese rental agreement that you could download, that has already been translated into English and could be used to negotiate simply with your landlord? All substantial changes to the tenancy agreement, such as rent increases, should also be indicated in the main language in which the negotiations took place. In the event of a violation, the aggrieved party may revoke the lease. It may also mean that rent increases that are contrary to the law would have no effect and that the victim may be entitled to reimbursement of rents paid as part of invalid rent increase decisions. It is less clear that other opinions, such as the termination of a lease, must be translated.

Section 1632 specifies that it is necessary to translate “a lease, sublease, lease or any other term of the lease or other term.”

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