/Readmission Agreement Po Polsku

Readmission Agreement Po Polsku

2. Subject to paragraph 3 of this article, any transfer of a person resumed on the basis of one of the obligations under Articles 3 to 6 requires the filing of an application for readmission with the competent authority of the required state. 4. The rejection of an application for readmission is reasoned in writing. Similarly, readmission agreements are only part of relations with third countries. This period begins to run on the date of receipt of the readmission request. If there has been no response within this time frame, the transfer is considered agreed upon. “requesting country,” the state (Turkey or one of the Member States) that makes an application for readmission pursuant to Article 8 or a request for readmission in accordance with Article 15 of this agreement; Means and documents in addition to the documents listed in Appendix 1 to 4 of this agreement; The response to a readmission request may be submitted in any way, including facsimiles. B, facsimiles, emails, etc. Documents, certificates and invoices of any kind (e.g.B. hotel bills, doctor/dentist appointment cards, entry cards for public/private establishments, car rental contracts, credit cards, etc.) clearly showing that the person concerned has been in the required state territory, 1. The contracting parties assist each other in the application and interpretation of this agreement.

To this end, they set up a joint readmission committee (`committee`) which, in particular, does not apply to third-country or stateless nationals within the meaning of Articles 4 and 6 who have left the territory of the required State for more than five years before the competent authorities of the requesting State have been aware of these persons, unless the conditions of their readmission to the required State, in accordance with Articles 4 and 6, can be established on the basis of the documents listed in Appendix 3. So I doubt that an agreement on the readmission of refugees really works. Without prejudice to Article 24, paragraph 3, the provisions of this agreement prevail over the provisions of a legally binding act concerning the readmission of persons in irregular residence concluded or likely to be concluded between Member States and Turkey under Article 20, as long as the provisions of this agreement are incompatible with those of this agreement. 3. If the person in care is in possession of a valid travel document or ID card and, in the case of third-country or stateless nationals, a valid visa used by the person to enter the territory of the required state or a state-issued residence permit required, the transfer of that person is carried out without the requesting state having to submit an application for readmission or written notification in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1, to the required competent authority.

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