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Rental Agreement Israel

Although most of the city`s residents rent or rent apartments, not all are aware of the fundamental rights that a rental agreement must contain. In order to put an end to the misunderstandings and create a standard protecting both parties, the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo has developed a recommended lease. 1. Always have a native Hebrew speaker translated and explain the lease first. Make sure that names, identifiers, property details, data, rents, currency and how and when it should be paid, etc. The Korenfld Real Estate Agency is not responsible for the preparation or interpretation of the provisions of the agreement between the parties. The rental contract and the accompanying explanations are not legal advice or a replacement for a lawyer`s legal advice. The tenancy agreement consists of many conditions that can affect the balance of power between the tenant and the landlord. The agreement written by the owner will serve its reasons, so it is recommended that you carefully read the terms of the contract, understand what they mean and what its consequences are, and even discuss possible changes and not sign without reading the entire contract. Most tenants are not aware of the main provisions that must be included in the tenancy agreement. To put an end to the misunderstanding, the real estate agency Korenfld has developed a rental contract to download.

The contract is written in understandable language and answers the most important questions of the lease. 4. Unlike many countries, rents in Israel generally do not include the following items that must be paid by tenants: electricity, gas, water, telephone, Internet, Vaad Bayit (property taxes) and Arnona (land tax). New Olim are entitled to a 90% discount on their Arnona for one of the first two years after Aliyah. 5. All leases contain a clause stating that the lease is an “unprotected lease” and that you have not paid the key money. This means that the rental agreement is not subject to rent control and that, when the term of the tenancy is over, you must evacuate the unit, you do not have the permanent right to reside there or transfer the lease to family members. A typical lease may include some or all of the following points.

Make sure all these issues are resolved before you sign. 9. You are generally prohibited from renting the apartment, so if you plan to do so, make sure the lease allows it. In addition, the rental agreement will indicate that the rent is only for residential purposes and that you cannot use the apartment for business purposes. Some leases prohibit pets, so make sure that if you have a pet dog/cat/hamster/Tarantula. You also cannot change the apartment. 8. At the end of the rental period, you must return the apartment to its current condition, the rental agreement must also indicate “less reasonable wear.” You must also evacuate after correcting the defects of the building, re-add “except those caused by normal use” and add, “with the exception of the defects present in the list established by the parties.

The use of the lease is the sole responsibility of the parties to the lease agreement. It is specified that the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the Yad2 website are not responsible for the implementation of the terms of the lease agreement between the parties or for their interpretation. 2. If you are granted an option, make sure it is binding on the owner; Dh.

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