/Signing Of The Unity Of Religion Agreement

Signing Of The Unity Of Religion Agreement

The importance of the World Conference on Religion and Peace was highlighted recently when the Vatican hosted the first session of its sixth General Assembly in November 1994. The theme of the conference was “Healing the World: Religions for Peace.” It was the first time that an official interfaith conference had been convened at the Holy See. In his opening address, the Pope told the 900 representatives of the world`s religions gathered in the synod hall that “religious leaders must make it clear that they are working to promote peace” and that religions must “engage in a dialogue of mutual understanding and peace on the basis of the values they share.” He concluded by saying: “The Vatican is open to you. I hope you come back soon. The second false premise on which the syncretic movement is based is that religions are responsible for wars and quarrels. This frequently new-age accusation is directed against Catholicism, but such an accusation against the Church was condemned by Pius IX in his: Syllabus of Errors8. War is the product of sin and the resulting injustice. It is also a divine punishment for sin, as our Lady of Fatima has confirmed. The WCRP conference included prayers and meditation rituals of different religions, both in the Vatican and at the secondary site of the Riva del Garda conference. The pope heard verses from the Koran and Jews, Shinto, Buddhist and Hindu calls for peace, said Inside the Vatican7. The WCRP newsletter of February 1995 stated that the conference`s final declaration paid tribute to the new world community, “the sanctity of the earth and our unity with it” and affirmed that “the transmission of sacred texts, respect for other religious traditions and participation in common meditation can facilitate mutual enrichment and inspiration… It is the exact emotions of the UR that the WCRP finds.

Mr. Man Hee Lee, the HWPL president who organized the event, expressed deep regret about the current state of religion today and said in his speech: “Religious leaders can only teach religion properly if they know it themselves. The Church is not a place where we teach the things of the world, but teach things from God`s heaven” and stressed: “Before we say which religion is good and which religion is bad, we must first see if my own religion is corrupt. Theology is not the teaching of man.┬áLee asked politicians for support in politics and laws and said, “It is not just people of religion who receive salvation. Everyone can receive salvation. It began with the World Alliance of Religions summit in 2014, at which representative leaders from 12 religions signed the unity of religion agreement with 950 participants. It was at this time that the WARP Office Meeting was launched, which has been active all over the world ever since. Close collaboration and a network of religious communities, made up by their commitment at the 2014 WARP Summit, have been integrated with a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles and values of each text.

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