/Use Immunity Agreement

Use Immunity Agreement

3.1.6 inform _____seinen current home, obtain their mailing address and telephone number and inform that police officer in writing and within a similar time frame of any changes in these cases. Traditionally, applications for immunity have been filed as a result of the investigation. However, in recent years, crown counsel and investigative services have had increasingly frequent contacts in investigations to improve the state`s ability to effectively combat crime and to present law enforcement cases that are ready to proceed effectively with the time of indictment. While the cooperation of these individuals has been recognized as a very powerful tool in the fight against crime, it carries a very real risk that individuals will falsely accuse others and/or minimize their own guilt in the hope of obtaining immunity. Therefore, people seeking immunity should be treated with great caution. NOTE: The content of an immunity agreement varies depending on the facts. Below is just one example. In developing the agreements, legal advisors should review the issues described in Schedule A to ensure their completeness. The document should be written in legal form and not in the form of a letter to the witness. Footnote 34 5.1 It is essential for this agreement that [name] of the investigating authority possesses or controls all information and documents that [name] know, possess or control, whether complete, simple and truthful with respect to the purpose of the investigation; do so in the form and manner necessary in this agreement; Maintain the confidence imposed by this agreement; and testify honestly and whether it is mandatory with respect to the purpose of the investigation.

The failure or refusal to do any of these things, or a refusal or failure to do so to the extent or wisdom required by this agreement, constitutes a violation of this agreement. In all cases where a key witness will testify as part of an immunity agreement, Crown Counsel will provide the agreement to the defence as part of the disclosure to the court and will attempt to present the agreement to the court as a deliverance if the person testifies. The term “information provider” is used as a general description of the person seeking some form of immunity, unlike “witnesses” or another description. The agreement described in this memorandum is the complete agreement between the director of the district attorney`s office and John Doe. In states where defendants have the right to testify on their own behalf in a trial of grand jurors, the lifting of immunity is a precondition for that right. 3.2.2 No original or copy of a document submitted by [name] during one or more interviews conducted under this agreement, or is then used to the investigating authority as evidence against [name] in a criminal proceeding prosecuted by or on behalf of the Director of the Crown in which [name] is charged as a person prosecuted, following a request it made during those interviews, except in the case of the events mentioned in paragraphs 3.2.1 a) or b) above. This also applies to any copy given by the Crown in Canadian law on any document bearing [name]. 5.2 As part of this agreement, it is also essential that [name] comply in a timely and precise manner with the obligations covered in paragraph 3.1.6 of the OBLIGATIONS section, as well as the provisions of this agreement relating to debt recognition, which are contained in the provisions of this agreement, compliance with the penalties imposed, including the full payment of fines within the time allowed or extended by the courts, and the enforcement of consent or authorization requested by [name] to allow the investigating authority to have access to evidence, interviews, testimony, statements or documents made available to another person or institution in Canada or elsewhere.

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