/Altova Mapforce License Agreement

Altova Mapforce License Agreement

If you use a firewall, you may notice the communication at port 2799 between the computers on which Altova products are run. Of course, you are free to block this traffic between different groups within your organization, as long as you are able to ensure that your license agreement will not be violated by other means. This licensing technology is used by your LOCAL NETWORK (Local Area Network) to communicate between instances of the application running on different computers. Altova offers “Support – Maintenance Package (s)” (SMP) for software that you have authorized and which is included in the annual license. The support period coincides with the duration of the license. The software may contain third-party software that requires additional advice and/or terms and conditions. These necessary software communications and/or additional third-party terms and conditions are on www.altova.com/legal/3rdparty on our website and are included in and included in this contract. By accepting this agreement, you also accept the additional conditions, if any, that are exposed to it. Businesses can purchase a unique key code with multiple named user licenses. This will prevent you from having a separate key code for each designated user. In the LicenseServer, the administrator assigns the designated user a license based on the user`s UPN (user`s policyname), i.e.

the user`s network identifier. This is especially true for users who work in a virtual environment (see below). On the LicenseServer computer, port 35355 is used to distribute licenses and must therefore be open to network traffic with customer computers. Failover license servers also connect the main LicenseServer via TCP to port 35355, as do customers. The software was developed exclusively for private fees and is a commercial software that is equipped with RESTRICTED RIGHTS. The use, reproduction or disclosure by the U.S. government or by a U.S. government contractor or subcontractor is subject to the restrictions in this agreement and in accordance with FAR 12.211 and 12.212 (48 C.F.R.). 12.211 and 12.212) or DFARS 227. 7202 (48 C.R.

227-7202) In accordance with the commercial computer software mentioned above and commercial computer documentation is authorized to the U.S. end-users administration only as commercial property and only with the rights granted to all other end users under the terms of this agreement. The manufacturer is Altova GmbH, Rudolfsplatz 13a/9, A-1010 Vienna, Austria/EU. You cannot use the software or documentation, export or re-export in any other way, unless it is authorized by U.S. law and by the jurisdictional laws in which the Software was purchased. In particular, but without restriction, the software or documentation may not be exported or re-exported (i) to a U.S. embargo country (or to a national or resident) or (ii) persons on the U.S. Treasury Department`s Special Nationalized List or the U.S.

Department of Commerce`s Refusal Orders Table. By using the software, you declare and guarantee that you are not in such a country or on such a list, that you are under the control of such a country or such country. (c) Designated user. Once you have authorized the “Named User” version of the software, you can install the software on up to five (5) compatible PCs or workstations, of which you are the primary user, so that you can switch from one computer to another if necessary, provided that only one (1) instance of the software is used by you as a designated user at any given time. All licenses for designated users must be used in conjunction with altova LicenseServer, as described in sections 1 (e) and 1 (f). (a) measure of the license.

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