/Chuze Membership Agreement

Chuze Membership Agreement

Please be professional with your ratings. Do not include emotional statements, emoticons or exclamation marks. Be detailed, but keep everything clean and factual. From time to time, when we receive a subpoena for member records, we must submit the member`s agreement, notes, billing history, registration history and all other forms in the file. This is all the more important because members` opinions are often used in court for a variety of reasons. Please finish each note with your first name, the latest initial and 4-digit club number. This is particularly important for the prosecution as well as when employees work in several clubs. Our small team from San Diego is here to help and help you. We can be reached by email at memberservices@chuzefitness.com. You can also contact us by phone at 619-780-0141 Extension 1. If you find that you cannot use your membership for medical or military reasons, please forward the documents to your original association.

We are the first line of communication for members and interested people who can be reached via Yelp, Facebook, Google and contact requests. It is therefore important that our team remains in the knowledge for anything that may affect a member. These include transportation, maintenance issues, club closures, impending storms, fitness events, policy changes, membership changes and much more! If a check refund is required to be sent to a member, please send an email billing@chuzefitness.com this: Once you have signed a boring gymnastics contract, you are legally hooked to continue paying for that membership, even if you don`t use it. But all hope is not lost. There are many ways to wobble from a gym contract. Due to the nature of our monthly subscriptions, we are only able to freeze or freeze memberships for medical or military reasons, as long as documents are provided. If a check containing the documents is available, please send it to the Home Office and inform billing@chuzefitness.com to be looking. Don`t deposit the check. If you`re not sure, ask us for help. Membership services are your interlocutor. Maybe the process of terminating admission to the gym was so simple for me, because I followed the advice of money expert Clark Howard and I joined a monthly gym that didn`t put a long-term contract in my neck. From time to time, the club may receive a package containing documents provided by hand by a representative and requiring a signature after receipt.

The package can say “request for records” or “Subpoena Duces Tecum.” These are important documents that need to be scanned and e-mailed to billing@chuzefitness.com. Conventional wisdom says that terminating a gym membership is a big headache. A few years ago, I wanted to cancel a subscription to L.A. Fitness, and it was a matter of sending all the rigamarole, an official letter, to write and pay in the mail to send it to the certified mail. If you are unable to cancel your subscription and simply decide to pay, the gym could sell your credit to a collection company, which is not fun. If you ever think your safety is compromised or that the member concerned may retaliate for causing damage, please also inform compliance@chuzefitness.com in order to keep the risk and safety team in the loop. Additional resources may eventually be put in place. And based on my past experience, I was preparing for another long process to cancel my gym membership to exercise anytime. We are also the last line of communication for members when they have a problem that needs to be addressed or degenerated beyond a district manager. As a reminder, only district leaders should give our phone number to members. Please also see the climbing protocol below.

Thank you very much and we look forward to working with you and the needs for you and our members! If you don`t have beso

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