/Collective Agreement Ppta Parental Leave

Collective Agreement Ppta Parental Leave

Parental leave and temporary or long-term relief 6.9.1 If this agreement expressly authorizes it (including the current and externally trained teacher), leave may be granted with a salary of up to seven days (excluding public holidays) under the following conditions: parental leave is part of the provisions of the 1987 Law on Parental Leave and Employment Protection; eligible members are eligible: a teacher is entitled to parental allowance if he is on parental leave of a fixed term or from an unfinished discharge position. Provided that teacher relief, with the exception of casual workers who work only a few days at a time, can apply for leave for permanent teachers. 6.7.3 Refreshment leave is considered a service of salary increase, long service calculations and severance pay. It is not taken into account for the purposes of sick leave, calculations of leave pay or the right to holidays. With the changes to the Parental Leave Act as of April 1, 2016, all workers who complete the work test described on the IRD website are entitled to 22 weeks of parental leave allowance, whether or not they are able to take leave. This means that teachers who lighten the burden in the short term or who work on a temporary basis and who meet the working conditions are now entitled to the full 22 weeks. They should contact the IRD to discuss simultaneously the possible tax consequences of maternity and paid parental leave benefits. If you have unpaid parental leave during a school year, your leave allowance (an adjustment to the leave allowance) will be reduced based on the total number of days without pay this year. To apply for parental allowance, you must provide your school with a NOVO 27 form (available under novopay.govt.nz) and a birth certificate or proof of intermediation. Note: The presentation of a medical certificate or other certificate of illness may be required in the event of leave granted in accordance with clauses 6.5.2, 6.5.3 and 6.5.4. The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 sets minimum rights to parental leave. The website of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) explains how to apply for parental leave.

For the general population, the three main elements of maternity, special leave and extended leave must correspond under the 52-week restriction. In other words, if a woman takes 22 weeks of maternity leave, usually taken before the baby is born, the maximum “extended leave” would be 30 weeks (52 – 22). The IRD manages these holidays. For more information, see www.ird.govt.nz/topics/paid-parental-leave Learn more about parental leave.

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