/Eess Intergovernmental Agreement

Eess Intergovernmental Agreement

In order to support the registration process for Level 1 devices, a csv file will soon be available on the ERAC website to allow mass loading of level 1 device details. If you need this file before you can be downloaded, please contact eessadmin@justice.qld.gov.au. The EESS is governed by an intergovernmental agreement with other participating Australian jurisdictions. The EESS website was created as a central information point and portal for the EESS registration database. Go to equipment.erac.gov.au/Public/ to check which certification certificates to download. If your certifier is not mentioned or if his certificates are not mentioned, ask your certifier what measures he is considering. Note that NSW Fair Trading certificate details are added separately; Email eessadmin@justice.qld.gov.au by email from the EESS administrator for more information. The ERACs provide that this database lists all certificates issued by electrical safety regulators in Australia and New Zealand, as well as certificates issued by private certification bodies operating in accordance with equipment safety rules. Note: RCM is a registered trademark of Electrical Safety Regulators and ACMA. The rules for the use of the RCM for compliance with electrical safety requirements are set out in the AS/NZ 4417 system. One of these requirements is that devices that meet the definitions of electrical safety level 3 must be registered in the national EESS database. To register level 3 devices, the certificate of this device must be located in the national certification database. Household appliances, private and similar devices are regulated under the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) in Queensland.

All other devices are required to meet essential safety criteria. Note 2: Certificates added to this database can be used to register Level 3 devices to meet electrical appliance safety system (EESS) requirements. The EESS has been adopted or is adopted by all states and territories in Australia, with the exception of New South Wales. Note 1: not all private regulators and certification certificates are currently included in this database; ERAC haa provided access to the database to download the certificate details available to certifiers who signed the “access certificate.” Until each remaining participating jurisdiction (Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory) is implemented by the EESS, the current requirements for electrical appliances remain for that jurisdiction.

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