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Acs Publication Agreement

Read + Publish can help researchers accelerate the pace of open access publishing, especially because they take responsibility for the direct cost of researchers` article publication fees (APIs). In addition, as they are integrated into the manuscript submission process, they save time and reduce administrative and approval processes for both authors and library/open access departments. Note: ACS Read + Publish agreements are sometimes referred to as “offset” or “transformative” agreements. All terms refer to an agreement between a publishing house and an institution that combines reading and publishing. To see if you are covered by an ACS agreement for reading + publishing, see below for a list of existing ACS reading and publishing agreements. Get a complete list of all reading and publishing agreements. Under an agreement with the Polish Academic Consortium, researchers from 51 institutions across Poland can publish cc-BY under the most liberal open access license. They will also benefit from a highly optimized process that aligns their magazine article with the publication fees of articles covered by this agreement. Researchers from participating institutions also have access to the more than 65 leading journals published by ACS. Louisiana State University signed a transformative open access agreement with ACS Publications in February 2020. As part of the agreement, the LSU covers the costs of publishing articles for LSU corresponding authors who publish their research under an open access license in one of ACS`s more than 60 leading magazines in 2020. As a publisher of non-profit corporations, the acceleration of open access publishing intelligently and sustainably responds to ACS Publications` goal of advancing the broader chemical company and its practitioners for the good of the Earth and its people.

To date, ACS authors have published more than 25,000 open access articles in ACS Publications journals, a figure that is growing every day. Under a read + Publish agreement, sometimes referred to as a transformative open access agreement, authors from a participating university or other research organization receive full support for the publication of the Article Publishing Fee (APC) to publish open access licensed magazine articles in one of ACS`s more than 60 chemical magazines. These agreements also allow affiliated researchers from participating institutions to fully access all articles in ACS and Chemical & Engineering News. View a complete list of read + Publish agreements. ACS Authoring Services offers you quality services provided by specialized writers who will help you prepare your manuscript for publication, regardless of the journal you choose for deposit. Showcase your research and ideas in the best light with ACS Authoring Services. To date, ACS Publications Read + Publish has signed agreements covering more than 250 institutions in 18 countries around the world, and more will be available soon. Some of these agreements relate to: As part of a three-year read+Publish agreement, signed in February 2020, researchers from 11 research institutes affiliated with the Austrian Academic Library Consortium have the opportunity to publish the Open Access peer-reviewed article in one of ACS`s more than 60 chemical journals without the author being free.

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