/Baptist Interim Pastor Agreement

Baptist Interim Pastor Agreement

4 In the event of termination on a date within a calendar month, the portion of the indemnity up to and including the date of termination It is understood by all parties that Rev. is not a candidate for the permanent pastoral position of the Latter to the Church and to the one she accepts. This day of copier: Interim PastorKirche/ConseilRégion Staff Board ChairInterim PastorDateSig SAMPLE INTERIM PASTOR AGREEMENT The vocation of the Baptist Church is to serve as an INTERIM PASTOR, from the period covered by this covenant, rev. as AN INTERIM PASTOR, accepts the following responsibilities:1. To serve as pastor ex offico INTERIM in the councils and committees listed here2. To provide divine service and pastoral direction to the community.3 Lead the community into the community and carry out its ministry of healing and reconciliation.4 to help the Church to work towards priority objectives and to motivate members to participate actively in the life of the Church in all its aspects; including interim5`s five church development missions. Call in new perspective members and inactive members to build the strength of the community.6 In order to help the municipality ensure a smooth transition from the period of the pastor to the appointment of a newly installed pastor in the fieldThe interim pastor and the board of directors or the chief committee agree to cooperate to fulfill the aforementioned responsibilities. 2 The acting pastor also declares himself ready to work with the community, day by week or at least by week, in order to take care of chaplaincy and pastoral direction:1. Direction of divine services, including communion and baptism.2

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