/Central Agency Sales Agreement

Central Agency Sales Agreement

Choosing the right central agent is the most important decision you will make during the yacht sales process. Here are 4 recommendations that will help you choose the right central agency. The clientele is on the agenda, the probability that a brokerage will have the right clientele for your boat is extremely unlikely. Only “3% of the boats sold are sold to a customer known to the listing broker at the time of marketing the ship for sale.” Therefore, the way to sell is to actively look for a buyer and not the above method, which is used by the 4 major brokerages. “At the end of the day, the process of physically selling a yacht is no different, whether it is 20 m or 60 m long. However, the basic approach to marketing and finding a potential buyer is very different and influences how and when the ship is sold” (Nigel Bristow) Do not commit to an exclusive 6-month or 1-year agreement with no guarantee of effort and results. Initially, you were able to accept an exclusivity contract of 30 to 90 days, which can be extended to 6 months / 1 year on the basis of predefined conditions. These conditions may be based on certain results and services that must be obtained by the team of brokers. For example, they may contain proof that they have created a complete marketing package and a number of leads that they should bring. Such a package can contain aerial videos (drone videos), a virtual tour, an accessible video, a photograph, a mini website, etc.

If you are serious about the successful sale of your yacht, you should seriously consider a central agent. However, you also need to qualify carefully and choose the right team and broker. Why do you expect there to be efforts? You haven`t trusted a brokerage, so why would you strive to sell your boat? At the end of the day, you are a boat in a big ocean and a broker is much better off putting his efforts into selling a yacht where he is “Central Agent”. Of course, the broker can make an effort in the first few weeks, but if it does not give results, why spend money to promote a ship that could be sold at any time by another broker and therefore does not get any return. Ultimately, a broker is like any seller, he must believe and trust in what he is selling to gain the trust and trust of a buyer.. . .

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