/Tips Interlocal Agreement

Tips Interlocal Agreement

To become a member of the purchasing cooperative, visit the TIPS/TAPS affiliate page. Find your state and print the required agreement and authority forms. Fill them out and send them back to TIPS/TAPS. Local Midwest customers find their forms below: If you have any questions, please contact us at (866) 839-8477 or email tips@reg8.net. The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is a national purchasing cooperative that allows its members to access competitive purchasing contracts. TIPS is hosted and managed in The 8 Region Educational Services Center in Pittsburg, Texas. For offers, requests or to learn more about the TIPS contract process, please contact Kevin Scheirer at pqcv@berrydunn.com or 207.541.2200. Upload the necessary documents for your company and submit them to TIPS/TAPS for membership. Through this contract, we can offer our full range of consulting services, including: These excellent suppliers have agreed to provide the best prices and conditions for TIPS/TAPS members and can expedite an order for a member, as all purchase requirements are met during the RFP process. Membership in the interlocal purchasing system is “FREE”. The Texas Code of Education ยง 8.002 allows regional educational service centers to offer services to help school districts, colleges, and universities improve student performance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of educational, university, and college institutions. The authority for these services is conferred pursuant to 791.001 et seq. of the Texas Government Code, as amended.

Cooperative purchasing services are extended to all government departments in the state of Texas, city and county.

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