/Voluntary Placement Agreement Nc

Voluntary Placement Agreement Nc

A dependent child is someone who needs help or accommodation because the child does not have a parent, guardian or guardian who is responsible for the custody or supervision of the child. A dependent child is also a child whose parent, guardian or guardian is unable to provide custody or supervision of the child and does not have an alternative custody arrangement for the child. (a) The court shall review the placement of a young person in foster care, in accordance with a voluntary agreement between the parents or legal guardian of the young person and a district department for social services, and shall make findings from the evidence presented at a reconsideration hearing concerning: (c) An initial verification hearing shall not take place more than 90 days after the young person`s accommodation and shall be submitted by the administrator. within that period to: Hearing scheduled at the request of the Director of Social Services in good time. Thereafter, an additional reconsideration hearing is held and all review hearings are held at such times as the Tribunal deems appropriate and conducted them, either upon request for self-application or upon written request by the parents, guardian, adoptive parents or director of social services. . . .

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